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We deliver fresh milk from our farms to your place!

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100% untouched and pure

We pride ourselves in providing you with uncontaminated milk.

In a not so far away land, spread across 10 acres is a small dairy where about 200 cows live, all healthy and of the finest quality that you would ever lay eyes upon. The farm buzzes with life yet is calm and peaceful. There is fresh grass as fodder for the cows that they graze on every now and then. Veterinarians are at beck and call, checking the cows and making sure that they are alright.

Our story is a little different from the others because we spend extra effort in understanding our cows. We do not use any synthetic growth promoters on our cows and feed them only organic, natural fodder.

We have our own team of elves who work hard in ensuring that the milk that you drink is pure, untouched by human hands and rich in cream.

Feel free to visit our farm which is magical in its own way. Also did you meet our mascot? Say hi to Bella!